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Hello!! Hur är läget? So I finally finished reading all the comments and feedback from the pile on Miles Running challenge and Mailing list survey!! thank YOU for taking the time to do that – I really appreciate it. and thank you for following. Jag älskar dig!

I read all about your running, weight loss and health goals and what you want more of on this lil ol’ running blog and I hear you. I have a long list of post and podcast topics to cover that I hope will help you hit your goals!
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Marathon training Day 3


And a lot of you said you still miss my old life updates posts. I thought everyone just spent all day on Instagram and listening to podcasts – but maybe that’s just me… or maybe you do some of that but also want more blog posts!

Also… at first Instagram crowded out the blog because it just seemed so much easier to post my running and eating over there. but now IG is super fancy and you can only post perfect pics and styled food photos or the president of IG builds a firewall to keep you out of his app. (This has not been confirmed by any reliable sources.)

My point is… I used to post more running and eating in ‘real time’ on social media so it was kinda like the old RER for a minute. but yeah… I’ve gotten away from that too so I need to track all those things here! (Which is the reason I started this site in the first place! full circle!! Boom.)

So… I’m going to set a goal of posting X times a week for the rest of the year. I don’t know what the x is yet… I’m going to figure out a realistic schedule and let you know by Monday.

Even though I’ll be posting more here…

I’ll still post daily check-ins on Instagram! It’s great place to connect with other runners and eaters in real time – so please follow @RunEatRepeat on IG and chime in with your updates in the comments, make friends, get inspired, motivate others and support the cause!

Let’s talk running and eating!

It was national Popcorn Day yesterday! Did you celebrate? Popcorn is one of my top 10 favorite foods.

Check out my diy Microwave Popcorn in a paper bag hack here!

My IT band and/or piriformis area has been super tight. So, I’ve been trying to foam roll, stretch and roll with a tennis ball or a softball a few times a week.

Those recovery efforts in combination with running less as I try to train Diego (and he tries to train me) has helped it feel a little better. but it’s definitely not completely gone – so I have to keep it up!

Foam Rolling Notes:

This is the foam roller I have.

This is the bumpy foam roller I have that I’m using in the picture above. sometimes the colors represent different densities so check that when buying one. You don’t want to get a foam roller just because of the color – choose based on the size / shape / density / etc.

For my butt / hamstrings – I’ve been using a softball lately.  I think a softball helps a lot more than a tennis ball because it’s bigger and harder.

I tried the Trader Joe’s Rainbow wrap the other day. I definitely got it because of the super colorful wrap outside! and I’m trying to get myself to like eating beets. but I ended up picking them out of this…

I think this is the funniest thing I saw on IG this week:

Diego doesn’t get it tho…

I did some meal prep! because I’m responsible and such.

I baked chicken and sweet potatoes. and I made a batch of overnight oats for the next morning. meal prep can be easy and fast!

Holiday of the Day:

Today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day!

And on a less important but food related level…

it’s also national Granola Bar Day and national Clam Chowder Day.
I like saying CHOW-DAAA… the way I imagine someone with a Boston accent to say it. now that’ going to be in my head all day!

Ha en bra en!

Question: When was the last time you had Clam Chowder?

I had it at Berth 55 recently!! Sooo good!

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Dela med sig

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Dina körmål måste ställas in baserat dig

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