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The finest Run eat as well as Repeat from Nov as well as Last Night’s OOTD (I mean night)

Hola! Hur är läget? I’m frantically composing this publish before going for a run since I’m behind on life right now. yesterday I was super random as well as had this intense craving for pineapple cottage cheese. as well as since I do whatever my tummy tells me I went out as well as got some…

Fun fact: Lunch meat is one of the extremely few things I show Vegas. If I’m feeling like the Pope I let him lick my yogurt container…
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Stående ABS -träning du kan göra hemma. No devices core exercises you can do standing up before or after a run. quick tutorial on 5 workout moves for a strong core as well as to difficulty your balance.

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After work I got all elegant to go out for a drink. This is a excellent Stitchfix gown I got a few deliveries back. It’s so comfortable.

Champagne – since I was trying to be a lady. And/or drank as well much vodka the night before. en sån…

I just realized I didn’t do my November highlights post! even though it’s a bit late I have to do it since this is the only method I keep track of my life. So enjoy or ignore

Best Run eat as well as Repeat from November

Best RUN

RNR Las vegas half Marathon since I like it.

Santa Clarita Marathon since I went alone as well as truly had to push myself to show up as well as keep chugging. It’s a long story however after the Ventura Marathon I’ve been having a poor head game.

Best EAT

Does my very first jello shot count as food?

And ALL THE FOOD on Thanksgiving my preferred day of the year!!

Best publish I’d like to REPEAT

StitchFix evaluation #7

25 dagars fitness

Today’s 25 days of physical fitness is an additional cardio boost to shed some calories!

(This states day 2 however it’s the exact same as last Tuesday.)

Question: What’s your workout today?

What was your finest run last month?

What was your finest eat?

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Delning är omtänksam!

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