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Trail walk in Florida

After breakfast I headed out for a trail walk with Ben, his dad, sister and nephews. Ben was in charge of wearing the Garmin, a job he took very reluctantly seriously.

Owen was in charge of carrying a dead frog he found in the car. He named him Hoppy. no one tell Owen Hoppy doesn’t have any much more hop left in him…
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Today is Gorgeous!!!

It’s a trail walk not hike because this place is flat as the pancakes I had for breakfast!

The signs were no help, but we managed to find our way.

We took a very leisurely pace and ended up walking for 3 miles! Back at home we ate lunch and then napped. This really is vacation!

Ben and I are staying in his old room. Det är bra

Remember when I went to Las vegas and ran the RnR half Marathon for team Refuel?

Well, here is the most recent video segment for that project – Episode 3 : get Set. They shot me outside and from a strange angle, so I look dumb. but everyone else is very cute (and my friends!) so I wanted to share…

I want to do an Ask a Monican tomorrow – share your questions below or through email runeatrepeat at gmail



Delning är omtänksam!

Dela med sig



Dela med sig


Dela med sig

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