I like fruit as well much

I just ate a whole cantaloupe. It was dee-lissh! I have a thing where when I begin eating ripe fruit I cannot get enough. I believe it’s called “ilovefruittoomuchitis”. It’s rather a problem.

Breakfast practices – I believe the consensus is – there is no consensus. everybody should eat breakfast to their own tune. This implies different times/foods/work-outs routines for every of us. just make sure you don’t avoid this many essential meal of the day as well as just do your own thing ?
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I got A Covid-19 Test
Getting a Coronavirus test – exactly how it works, what it feels like, my experience as well as more. I got the conventional test as well as Ben got the Covid-19 fast test.

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Before my cantaloupe adventures I made a untidy lunch of toast topped with spinach, beans as well as guac. All those fats in the guac made me extremely pleased ?

And those veggie sticks are my new obsession!

While I was putting lunch together I ate half of the cantaloupe as well as just went back to surface it off. I just got a fun bundle in the mail! I can’t wait to break it open.

But, very first I’m off for a satisfying of the Chickpea Lover’s Club. See you when the satisfying is adjourned!

Breathe – It’s difficult for me to make new friends



Delning är omtänksam!

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